The Trials We Face Submission Form

This is needed in case I have follow-up questions in regards to your submission as I am typing up your story. I will also contact you when your story is about to go out to my subscribers.
Here you want to include any details and background information you feel is necessary to know. Think about these questions: (1) What happened? (2) What was happening in your life at the time? (3) What was the hardest part about this time? (4) How did you overcome your struggle?
Think about these questions: (1) Is there a key takeaway you want someone to know about your struggle? (2) How did this make you stronger?
Think about what advice you would give someone going through a similar situation, or someone who may be about to go through a similar situation.
Think about: (1) Is there a quote that got your through this hardship? Or a quote that seems to summarize your situation? (2) Do you have a message for those reading this? This may or may not be different than advice given in the previous question.
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