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Life’s Kitchen is an organization I started while living in Suzhou, China. I had the idea for this while in the midst of my health coaching certification program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I wanted a way to really help as many people as I could through being a health coach. Life’s Kitchen is the culmination of that idea.


Life’s Kitchen offers monthly 21-Day Lifestyle Habit Challenges that help individuals cultivate better habits for themselves. As a team, we are there encouraging them and pushing them to commit to something for twenty-one days without stopping, and then from there, we hope that they continue building it into their lifestyle.


Life’s Kitchen also is revolutionizing how food is done here in China. Currently, no other company offers the macronutrient breakdown of their food, much less the ingredients. Life’s Kitchen does both. We want the consumers of our products to know exactly what is going into their bodies and to be aware of how many calories they are ingesting so that they can see the results they are after. That is also why Life’s Kitchen has a subscription service meal-plan where people can pay to get their meals delivered to them through Life’s Kitchen. These plans range anywhere between 1 – 3 meals a day, and for those gung-ho people out there like me a specialized 4 or 5 meal a day plan option is available upon request.


These meal plans take the guess work out of eating. Choosing to get meals produced by Life’s Kitchen means that you are committed to seeing results, to knowing what is going into your body, and to make sure you are getting appropriate amounts of macro and micronutrients that many people lack. By subscribing to our meal subscription service, we help people get the results they want to see at the gym, and we help them no longer live a diet, but live a lifestyle.


Overall, my mission as a health coach is to give you the ingredients to make your best life, and Life’s Kitchen is one of those ingredients. To find out more, head over to Life’s Kitchen. There you’ll be able to check out upcoming challenges, meal plan subscriptions, and even order food (if you live in China).

Our First Event!

The weather was getting nicer and we wanted to celebrate that in a big way, so Life’s Kitchen decided to host a BBQ and plogging expedition in a mountain near Suzhou. For those of you who are unfamiliar with plogging, it is an activity where you pick up trash on the ground while you hike. We did this because it just made sense. We should take care of our planet the way we take care of our bodies, and that means getting rid of all the junk. Watch the video to the right to see highlights of what you can expect when you do an event with Life’s Kitchen. 

"Giving you the ingredients so that you can make your best life."

Michael E. Thies