Content Manuscript Editing

You wrote a book. Now what? 


Well, most likely, you could use a little help with that novel you’ve been working on. That is where I come into play. As a content manuscript editor, I will read through your manuscript once giving you chapter-by-chapter feedback, along with overarching themeback on the story as a whole once finished. This document is usually between eight to ten pages altogether depending on the length of the novel. 


After you read through the suggestions and comments, you’ll have the opportunity to talk through problems with me one-on-one. This session is our brainstorming session where we figure out how to take your manuscript to the next level. 

How Does This Work?

  • Fee for services is $.012/word of manuscript.
  • I specialize in editing manuscripts for fantasy or any sub-category within the fantasy genre. Any length is acceptable. Non-fiction will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Only completed, full-length manuscripts will be considered for work. These should not be fully edited, otherwise why would you need me, but for the best results, they should have a beginning, middle, and end. They should also include any necessary background information I may need to know (if the book is later on in a series).  
  • All editing work will be completed in Word utilizing Track Changes and Comments.
  • When you book me, I’ll send you a contract in advance of our agreed upon start date; the contract will include completion date and total amount due based on word count and the service requested. A 50% deposit of the contracted amount will be required.
  • All past, present, and future SPFBO authors will receive a 15% discount on their first project with me.
  • I reserve the right to alter the agreed upon fee depending on the state of the manuscript. Any alteration will be made in conference with you.
  • As a content manuscript editor, I will NOT be specifically looking for grammar or word usage, although if I find something distracting I will let you know. I am more focused on the overall development of the idea and the characters. It is advisable to still seek out a copy editor before publishing.


"Mike's major talent lies in his ability to create dynamic characters. Reading his books, it's easy to become captivated with the passions and struggles that each character is going through. I'd recommend his "Guardian of the Core" fantasy series to any ready that has ever enjoyed a sci-fi novel, or any publisher looking to seriously diversify their offering. He helped me through creative roadblocks in my own writing, and our brainstorming session is just what I needed to get reenergized on my novel."
Samuel Tabbert
Book Distributor and CEO of the Fox Reader's Club
Michael’s reading is attentive and his commentary helpful and probing. We’ve spent hours on the phone discussing plot and character potential, working through some complicated scenes and storyline. He treated my story edits like a collaboration, but I never felt like my ideas were lost. Michael knows how to ask the questions that challenge your writing to be excellent at every stage.
K.Æ. Swann
Michael Thies has always provided exceptional thought-provoking feedback. He is professional, humble, and patient, and will make the time to uplift and fine-tune manuscripts to an excellent version.
Jon Karoll