"Great teacher! During my three months of preparation I had with him, Michael Thies prepared me in every aspect to pass the TOEFL. With his help, I scored nearly a perfect in the writing section (29/30) and an overall score of 105/120. I cannot be thankful enough for his dedication.”
Benjamin Arbaca

“Excellent teacher! Michael Thies was my instructor of TOEFL, three years ago in Chile in 2015. He gave me the best learning tools of English. Thanks to his commitment and dedication, I got a good score on my test to study in Melbourne, Australia. He is absolutely part of this process."

Daniela Reyes

Content Manuscript Editing

"Mike's major talent lies in his ability to create dynamic characters. Reading his books, it's easy to become captivated with the passions and struggles that each character is going through. I'd recommend his "Guardian of the Core" fantasy series to any ready that has ever enjoyed a sci-fi novel, or any publisher looking to seriously diversify their offering. He helped me through creative roadblocks in my own writing, and our brainstorming session is just what I needed to get reenergized on my novel."
Samuel Tabbert
Book Distributor and CEO of the Fox Reader's Club
Michael’s reading is attentive and his commentary helpful and probing. We’ve spent hours on the phone discussing plot and character potential, working through some complicated scenes and storyline. He treated my story edits like a collaboration, but I never felt like my ideas were lost. Michael knows how to ask the questions that challenge your writing to be excellent at every stage.
K.Æ. Swann
Michael Thies has always provided exceptional thought-provoking feedback. He is professional, humble, and patient, and will make the time to uplift and fine-tune manuscripts to an excellent version.
Jon Karoll