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  • General Questions

Michael E. Thies is a published author and certified educator from the United States currently living in China. Find out about him more on the about page.

Write with Mike is Michael E. Thies’s online curriculum to help students all around the world improve their writing ability. It is especially geared towards students who plan on taking standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT, and AP Language and Composition.

If you’d like for me to review your book, please send an email to: Make sure you include the cover, the title, the back cover blurb, and who this book is intended for. If chosen for review, I will notify you. Please give at least one month for book reviews to be completed depending on the size of the book.

  • Novels

While you can learn more about each book individually by going to the books tab, Michael E. Thies generally writes futuristic fantasy novels. His series, Guardian of the Core, is an adventure fantasy series starting with the first novel, The Trials of the Core.

Currently, you can buy all of the books through the link provided on the book page. It will take you to Amazon where you can then download the book.

At this time I am not selling books personally. Amazon is the current distributor and provider of all books by Michael E. Thies.

Writer’s Block Press is an independent publisher (LCC) owned and operated by Michael E. Thies.

Each book follows the guidelines for returns based upon the Amazon return guideline. Look here for more info.

  • Services
    • Online Courses

A full list of information for what each writing course provides can be found on the courses page. Watch the brief video introductions to find out how each course is tailored and what will be covered throughout the online class.

 I cannot guarantee that you will gain a high score purchasing a course. However, I can guarantee that you will be better prepared for the exam, and if you follow all of my advice, chances are that your score will significantly improve. I cannot write the essay for you, but I can teach you the strategies to use to write the most effective essay possible.

Courses are not for beginning in English. These courses are created for those individuals who already have a mediocre level in English and for those individuals who may have already taken the respective exam and are looking for ways to improve their writing.


There are no subtitles nor are there any translations in the online course material, so listening skills should be medium to advanced. However, to aid in comprehension each course is a PowerPoint and the online, downloaded nature of the course gives students who enroll the ability to watch it as many times as they need.

All courses are provided through Therefore, they follow the same return policy as Udemy, which is a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Manuscript Editing

Manuscript editing focuses on content. My goal is to give you feedback on plot pacing, conflict and tension throughout, and character strengths and weaknesses and their overall development. This will be provided in a word document typically ten pages in length or longer. It will also include a zoom brainstorming session, set up by the writer, where we go through the manuscript and brainstorm ways of how to overcome some of the difficulties addressed in the typed document.

While I can certainly do this, I choose not to. There are many others out there that are more qualified at catching grammatical issues than myself. I focus on the larger issues.

My hope is that you give me your manuscript as polished as possible. In an ideal scenario, this is not directly after the first draft. To help you as best as I can, you should provide me with the most updated and most correct form of your manuscript. Grammatical errors and careless errors slow the reader down and detract from larger issue items, which is my main focus.

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If you are looking to improve the writing scores of exams such as TOEFL IbT, IELTS, SAT, ACT, AP Language and Composition, please look at the content on my YouTube Channel: Write With Mike