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General Questions

Michael E. Thies is a published author, certified educator, and a certified health coach from the United States currently living in Suzhou, China. Find out about him more on the about page.

Life’s Kitchen LLC is an organization owned and operated by Michael E. Thies along with two other Chinese investors. It is more than just a restaurant in Suzhou, China, it is a lifestyle. Life’s Kitchen’s meal plans help people with their nutrition, so they can lose fat and gain muscle. Their 21-Day Lifestyle Habit Challenges aim at cultivating better habits for each participant who joins in the monthly event. More information can be found over at 

If you’d like for me to review your book, please send an email to: Make sure you include the cover, the title, the back cover blurb, and who this book is intended for. If chosen for review, I will notify you. Please give at least one month for book reviews to be completed depending on the size of the book.


 Michael E. Thies generally writes futuristic fantasy novels. His series, Guardian of the Core, is an adventure fantasy series starting with the first novel, The Trials of the Core.


He is also currently writing a spiritual memoir book on how to find one’s purpose in life, and if you enroll as one of his health coach clients, you can get access to his super secret recipe book. 

Currently, you can buy all of Michael’s fantasy books through the link provided on the book page. It will take you to Amazon where you can then download the book.

At this time I am not selling books personally. Amazon is the current distributor and provider of all books by Michael E. Thies.

Writer’s Block Press is an independent publisher (LCC) owned and operated by Michael E. Thies.

Each book follows the guidelines for returns based upon the Amazon return guideline. Look here for more info.

Health Coaching

The information covered in each session is dependent upon the needs of the individual. Not everyone has the same issues. Everyone is unique. With that said, I generally ask a few questions and make one or two suggestions by the end of each session based upon what I hear. 

I cannot guarantee that you will get healthier. All I can do is give you the tools, the advice, and the information. At the end of the day, it is your job to fix yourself. I am merely there to help guide you through that process by giving you useful tidbits of information that I’ve learned through other clients and my own anecdotal experience. 

If you are someone who is overweight or struggling with your mental, social, spiritual, or physical health then most likely health coaching can benefit you in some way. No one lives a completely perfect lifestyle. My favorite type of clients are those who are ready AND willing to make a change. Determined individuals who actually want to see progress, not just talk about it. If you are one of those individuals, reach out to me and set up a free consultation meeting. 

No. By enrolling in a health coaching program with me, you are committing yourself to six-months of doing your body good. It will be an awesome adventure, and the reason I don’t offer refunds is because I don’t want individuals to take this commitment lightly. Like I said above, I want motivated and determined individuals who actually want to see a difference in their life and who are willing to make those necessary changes in their life. 

Manuscript Editing

Manuscript editing focuses on content. My goal is to give you feedback on plot pacing, conflict and tension throughout, and character strengths and weaknesses and their overall development. This will be provided in a word document typically ten pages in length or longer. It will also include a zoom brainstorming session, set up by the writer, where we go through the manuscript and brainstorm ways of how to overcome some of the difficulties addressed in the typed document.

While I can certainly do this, I choose not to. There are many others out there that are more qualified at catching grammatical issues than myself. I focus on the larger issues.

My hope is that you give me your manuscript as polished as possible. In an ideal scenario, this is not directly after the first draft. To help you as best as I can, you should provide me with the most updated and most correct form of your manuscript. Grammatical errors and careless errors slow the reader down and detract from larger issue items, which is my main focus.