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Feel free to contact me in any manner you choose. To the right you will see my social media handles, as well as a contact form where you can drop me a personal question. I’m ready and willing to respond. 

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General Questions

Michael Thies is a published author, certified educator, and a certified health coach from the United States currently living in Suzhou, China. Find out about him more on the about page.

Michael Thies has a series of futuristic fantasy novels called Guardian of the Core. 

Moreover, though, is is finding a passion in writing a spiritual memoir on how to find one’s purpose in life. Make sure you join his newsletter to be notified of his progress and release.


Finally, for those who are health coaching clients of his, he will give you his SUPER SECRET recipe book as part of the package. In addition, as an awesome bonus, this book is continually updated monthly. As a result, this is a gift that keeps on giving. It currently has over 100 recipes that will help you live a sustainable diet. Assuming you put in the work, it can aid in the process of gaining muscle and losing fat.

Life’s Kitchen LLC is an organization owned and operated by Michael Thies along with his wife. However, it is more than just a restaurant in Suzhou, China, it is a lifestyle. Life’s Kitchen’s service of Guilt-Free Foods help people with meal prepping. To this end, they help people with their diet, so they can lose fat and gain muscle. Furthermore, their 21-Day Lifestyle Habit Challenges aim at cultivating better habits for each participant who joins in the monthly event. Lastly, their Guilt-Free Food services offers delicious meal plans for people living in China. 

Health Coaching

First of all, it is important to know that not everyone has the same issues. We are all unique. That is to say, the information covered in each session is dependent upon the needs of the individual. For example, though, I will ask a few questions and make one or two suggestions by the end of each session based upon what I hear. 

I cannot guarantee that you will get healthier. All I can do is give you the tools, the advice, and the information. In short, it is your job to fix yourself. But, I will be there to help guide you along the way. That is to say, through our discussions and suggestions I give, you will come to think about health holistically. As a result, I am positive you can see changes if you have the drive. What’s more, I even offer a money-back reward. In other words, should you hit your goals that you set for yourself during your first session with me, you will receive a percentage back of your initial investment. 

First of all, it’s important to know that no one lives a perfect lifestyle. Even me. But, if you are someone who is overweight or struggling with your mental, social, spiritual, or physical health then most likely health coaching can benefit you in some way. Furthermore, my favorite type of clients are those who are ready AND willing to make a change. Above all, I want determined individuals who actually want to see progress, not just talk about it. So, f you are one of those individuals, reach out to me and set up a free consultation meeting. 

In short, no, I do not offer refunds. This is for the simple fact that I want truly dedicated clients. That is to say, in today’s fickle and fleeting world of disrupted attention spans, I want us to commit to one another. Consequently, unless there is some force majeure that neither of us can control, I plan on giving my 110% to your health coaching. In turn, I expect you to do the same as my client.


If you do, I am positive you will see life-changing results, and that is why I offer a money-back reward in each program. To find out more, fill out a health history form and schedule your free consultation session.