The Guardian of the Core Series

The Hunt for Lost Souls

The Curse of Pirini Lilapa has once again sown discord throughout the system...

the hunt for lost souls book cover

In its wake, the Twelve gods are sealed and scattered throughout the system, leaving nations on the brink of war and rulers left to fend for themselves. Looking beyond their disputes, Guardian Eska is forced to unleash the Hown as he searches for the largest threat to the system, Hydro Paen—and the strange necklace he bears.

The system’s most-wanted man, Hydro makes a deal that allows him to evade the Hown pursuing him. But what has he sacrificed in return and how long can he outrun the system’s most highly trained trackers and fighters?

By a stroke of luck, Zain Berrese escapes Zigarda’s Web along with his father and what remains of his troops. Driven by the need to halt a war and save those he loves, Zain must outmaneuver attempts to recapture him, all while he questions his choices, his future, and his purpose.

Finally understanding his birthright, Eirek Mourse is determined more than ever to earn Guardian Eska’s trust. But how can he focus on his training when the system lingers on the precipice of total collapse—and he might be the only one who can save it?

The Curse of Pirini Lilapa

The Trials were only the beginning...

curse of pirini lilapa book cover

The Trials have concluded.

Since its conclusion, Hydro, Eirek, and Zain have gone their separate paths, thinking each other a distant memory. However, fate has other plans. As the three travel their paths, they find that their lives are not so separate after all.

Zain’s quest to heal a broken friendship, challenges his ability to lead. It requires him to make amends with his past demons, and to give that which can only be given once.

Hydro’s journey to discover more information on his necklace leads him to a mysterious woman who challenges the very fiber of his identity. Revealed truths lead to fatal realities.

And Eirek’s training pushes him to shed his shell of inferiority for one hardened confidence if he wishes to survive the rigors of his apprenticeship.

All, however, travel and train under the ever watchful gaze of the suns which draw closer to their convergence. To an event infamous for bringing bad luck, sorrow, and pain. To an event that occurs every 150 years. To an event known as Pirini Lilapa. Some look to the sky in superstition. Others look to the sky in fear. And yet, some look to the sky in contemplation. For in the weeks and days before the suns converge, deities die, enemies emerge, and families are fractured as no one is safe from their harsh and heinous gaze. . .

The Trials of the Core

Destiny calls to them all. Only one can seize it...

the trials of the core book cover

Prince Hydro Paen longs to escape his disdainful mother. So when the Guardian of the Core announces a contest to become his apprentice, the young man leaps at the invitation to participate. Determined to prove himself and uphold the family legacy, he swears not to fail.


Orphaned at a young age, Eirek Mourse doesn’t believe he’ll amount to much, so when an invitation to participate in the Trials arrives, he doesn’t know what to do. Under the encouragement and advice of his uncle, he enters. But without any skills in combat, he has no idea how he will survive.


Zain Berrese is a haunted man. Convinced he’s responsible for the death of his girlfriend, he longs to make amends by becoming the next Guardian. Hoping to outdo his adopted brother, who is also accepted, he makes a decision that accidentally kills his sibling just before the Trials begin, crushing his spirit.


With trials increasingly complex and dangerous, each contestant must face his or her own fears as well as their crafty opponents. And with lives on the line, one of them will make an extraordinary choice…


Will one of these would-be heroes find the inner strength and wisdom to emerge a champion before they all perish?

“Strong recommendation for folks interested in a science fantasy book with a lovingly crafted world and a unique synthesis of technology and magic.” – Before We Go Blog (SPFBO Judge)


“This is a great adventure – a science fiction fantasy with almost everything but the kitchen sink thrown in: princes and planets, spells and spaceships, puzzles and plot twists. The trials take place in a boundless galaxy, where all the characters and locations are linked by a well-thought-out history and lore.” – Rob May, author of Reckoning of Dragons