The Curse of Pirini Lilapa

Set after the Trials conclude, The Curse of Pirini Lilapa follows the lives of the contestants as they go their separate paths thinking each other a distant memory. However, fate has other plans. Looming overhead, the suns draw closer and closer to their convergence.


To an event known to bring only bad luck, sorrow, and pain. To an event that occurs every 150 years. To an event known as Pirini Lilapa.

Some look to the sky in superstition, others look to the sky in fear, and yet, some look to the sky in contemplation. For in the weeks and days before the suns converge, plots perspire, deities die, and families are fractured as no one is safe from their harsh and heinous gaze. . .

The Trials of the Core


The Trials of the Core is the first book in the gripping Guardian of the Core adventure fantasy series. If you like ensemble casts, imaginative worlds, and unpredictable twists, then you’ll love Michael E. Thies’s riveting tale where rivals are pitted against one another in a gauntlet of grueling tasks.  Trials that are designed to strip beings to their core through tenuous partnerships, intellectual rivalries, battles of weapons mastery, and a race against death.  

That is, assuming they even make it to the Trials to begin with…