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Non-Fiction Books You Must READ!!! Top 5

While it is still early in the new year, I want to compile this list of my top five non-fiction books that I suggest people try to tackle this year, or at the very list, add to their ‘to-read’ pile. These five books have been influential in my personal growth as an individual, my spiritual growth, my intellectual growth, and my career growth. I am hoping that these books also can do the same for you.

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ideal body weight

How To Find Your Ideal Body Weight

Weight fluctuates constantly. One day we’ve gained five, and the next day we’ve lost three. How can we determine our ideal body weight? This post explains how to find your ideal body weight and tips you can use to get there.

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holistic health

What is Holistic Health?

I mentioned in another blog post about why I’m choosing to become a holistic health coach. In this post, I wanted to dive deeper into what exactly is holistic health. I’ll be showing how it differs from traditional health and why we need to consider our own holistic health.  What is Holistic Health? How does

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written word

Year in Review – 2021

As a writer, it’s fun to see how many words I wrote over the past year. This blog post examines and breakdowns the words written in 2021, as well as talks about some of my greatest accomplishments.

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Obesity is Contagious

Health is more than just the food on our plates. Social health is crucial. We must evaluate who we keep around us. As it turns outs, obesity is contagious.

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The Impact of Social Media

I took a look at two studies that dealt with impacts of social media. Out of all the things that have come out of the twenty-first century, social media has definitely been the biggest disruptor by far. Not only do they continuously change, vacillating in and out of popularity, but they also have had quite

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works.”— Virginia Woolf

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