holistic health

What is Holistic Health?

I mentioned in another blog post about why I’m choosing to become a holistic health coach. In this post, I wanted to dive deeper into what exactly is holistic health. I’ll be showing how it differs from traditional health and why we need to consider our own holistic health.  What is Holistic Health? How does

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trusting in the Lord

3 Steps to Trusting in the Lord

When trouble pursues us, who do we turn to? Trusting in the Lord is crucial to our development as Christians if we want to live out His blessings for us. Without trusting in Him, we leave ourselves open to attacks from the enemy. In this post, I want to go over three steps of trusting

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Why is protein important

Why is Protein Important

Protein is the king macronutrient. It is not just for those people who want to gain muscle or be professional bodybuilders. Actually, there are many reasons why you should be concerned about your protein intake and many ways in which it can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether those be gaining muscle or losing

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the power of God

What is the Power of God?

Have you ever wondered about the power of God? What can He do? Is there anything that He can’t do? Again and again in the Bible we read about awesome stories that seem too good to be true. Some people speculate this to be fiction, but, as believers, we know it to be true. God

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characteristics of lukewarm believers

3 Characteristics of Lukewarm Believers

When it is our salvation on the line, the Lord does not want us to only commit to him partially. He wants all of us. This blog post will detail the characteristics of a lukewarm believer and give you doctrine going forward to make sure you are on the right path of the Lord.

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spiritual bank

5 Ways to Grow Your Spiritual Bank

Everyone is aware of the concept of banking. While not such a good investment now, it was common practice to put money into the bank, let it mature, and get more back through interest. Over my past four years of getting to know Christ, I have come to realize that this same idea applies to our relationship with God, and that we can accumulate, spend, and mature spiritual currency. In this blog post, I am going to give you a concept known as spiritual banking that you can apply to your own life and hopefully you will see the same awesome growth that I have seen.

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What is Your Why

What is your Why?

It is that time of season where everyone is celebrating a new year. For some of us, this is the time of season where we do these challenges like “New Year, New Me.” Last year, I helped you to make successful diet resolutions. And the year before that I took a look at how a growth mindset could benefit you and your new year. This year, to help you really hone in on all of your goals this year, I want to focus on a key element often forgotten about when it comes to goal-setting, an often-neglected question: What is your Why?

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2022 - Writing in Review

2022 – Writing in Review

Starting last year, I had this crazy idea to see just how many words I’ve written over the course of a year. If interested in seeing my Year in Review 2021, click that link to be taken to it. This year I am going to do the same thing, but go through the various hats that I wear and break down everything that I’ve accomplished. These accomplishments are in no specific order, but I’ve just decided to stick to the order that was in the blog post I did last year. As you’ll notice, this no longer just includes the word written, as I have done way more than just writing this year. This year, I’ve grown. As an overview, however, this is what the spread of my writing looked like over the past year. 

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benefits of walking

5 Benefits of Walking

As we all get busier and busier in today’s world, sometimes it can be difficult to make an appointment at the gym. For those of you who are dread lifting weights, doing cardio, or get easily intimidated when you see people doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), have no fear, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, I am going to be telling you all 5 benefits of walking and 3 easy ways to increase your step count. 

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works.”— Virginia Woolf

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