Elevate Your Career

5 Necessities to Elevate Your Career

What separates an enthusiast from a professional? Experience, perhaps? Resources? Mindset? Throughout this blog post I take a look at the five things anyone needs if they truly wish to elevate his or her career and take it from being an amateur to a professional.

Growth Mindset

How a Growth Mindset Can Benefit You in 2021

If I were to say to you, “2020 has probably been the worst year ever imaginable” what would you say? Would you agree with me or would you disagree? If you’re like many people, I would probably think that you would agree with the above affirmation. owever, with the pandemic showing no signs of slowing and even mutating into new strains of covid in countries like South Africa and England, and another possible resurgence in China as people get ready to travel for Chinese New Year, how can we make 2021 to be better?

Nitty Gritty

The nitty gritty in editing means looking at the minute details. This post helps uncover those very subtle and small issues that affect manuscripts.

Nitty Gritty 2

A continuation on Part I, where more small details are examined. These small changes can lead to a monumental impact in how the book flows.

Editing 101

Welcome to an introduction course in editing! Editing is the process of polishing that rock until it shines.

The Editing Process

Editing is not just a one-step process. In fact, it’s eight steps. All of these steps should be done prior to publication of a novel.

Why We Need Editors

Authors cannot do it all themselves. It’s inefficient. Writers should focus on writing and let the editors focus on the editing.

Birthday Gift

At the turn of another decade, I received one of the best gifts I could have ever asked for—acceptance into my master’s program.

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written largely in his works.”— Virginia Woolf