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Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t belong here?


I mean, here, on this earth.


That feeling came to me during the summer of 2020 when my mom told me nonchalantly through a phone conversation that I was her third pregnancy. I only have one older sister. The math was off.


“Third?” I had asked, voice cracked with intrigue.  


She went on to tell me the story about her ectopic pregnancy and how much of a miracle child I was, having given birth to me at the age of 41 and in the condition that she was in, and my father’s rapid decline in health after I had been conceived. As I was trying to process this information, I thought back to my other near-death experiences which included me cracking my head open on two separate occasions at the age of five and again at 9. I recalled the time where I was, according to the doctor, quite literally an inch away from death after I got hit by a golf club on the head.


After we ended the phone call, I sat on my couch for a long while, pondering, “Why am I here?” 


Through internal reflection and His grace, I’ve since discovered that my purpose is writing. That is why I started writing my fantasy series at the age of sixteen, yet had crafted the idea for it years before. Over the past three years I’ve also come to know God quite a bit, and I’ve come to realize that I am also here to help people craft a healthier lifestyle for themselves because health is so much more than the food we put into our bodies. That is why I created Life’s Kitchen, an organization in China to help people build healthier lifestyle habits, and that is also why I blog about a range of holistic health topics. Maintaining relationships with friends, writing fantasy novels to foster my intellectual health, reading the Bible each and every day to grow spiritually, and gyming five days a week is what I do to put into practice my life as a author and holistic health coach.


All of these things make me feel blessed beyond belief. It’s inspired me to live a life where I help others (even the characters in my novel) grow in unexpected ways. To change and be better tomorrow than they were today. Because I didn’t just have near-death experiences, I’ve also used to be obese; I used to flounder about aimlessly searching for something to fill me, to be addicted to the vices that hold so many of us underwater, suffocating us. But I’ve learned to overcome these things, and my goal as a holistic health coach is to help you help yourself to making healthier choices, create better habits, build boundaries to help you manage priorities. Overall, I want to give you the ingredients to make your best life and to live a lifestyle worthy of the beautiful person you are.

Know me

What do you get when you mix way too many ideas with a young, bright ambition? You get the beginning of a writing career. Watch this video to see how the inspiration for my novel, The Trials of the Core came about.

"We all have a story; we just have to be brave enough to tell it."

Michael E. Thies

Who I Am


Welcome. My name is Michael E. Thies. English Teacher in China, published author, and a current graduate student, I want to take some time to introduce myself for all of those who don’t know who I am. Watch this video to learn more! 

Why I Write

The publishing process of my newest novel brought me back to the age-old question: Why do I write? What can my novels bring to those who read them? Spellbinding tales of adventure and fantasy surely. Moreover, though, I’ve found the consistent theme to be positivity throughout them all. Positivity to overcome any situation you may be dealing with currently. 

Watch the video to find out more about why I write and what I hope you find inside each page of my novels.